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The Comelio Group provides trainings and courses in the field of statistics and data analysis for more than 10 years – which is a bit longer than the buzzword Big Data exists. In the course of these past years we could see an increasing demand for professional training in Business Intelligence, Data Mining or sophisticated data analysis for statistical process and quality control as well as market research.


Students Participants TrainingsOur statistics trainings are designed for participants working in various industries.

While the beginner courses aim for a more general target audience the specialized trainings for individual branches and analyses are specifically designed for selected groups.

  • Market research and marketing - you will learn how to use tools ranging from MS Excel or R and IBM SPSS in order to answer analytical questions and carry out statistical data analyses in the field of marketing, the analysis of surveys and questionnaires, the design of statistical models for forecasting, and also market research.
  • Production and Quality Assurance - We support you to apply statistical process and quality control with the help of Minitab or JMP in order to stabilize and increase production standards, to plan and carry out designed experiments or to detect significant factors, and to deduct statistical models.
  • Science - We designed a wide range of trainings for the statistical programming language R and various other statistical programs like IBM SPSS, JMP or Stata and present a variety of statistical procedures - be it multivariate statistics and statistical modeling, time series analysis, and other regression techniques or Data Mining.
  • Research and Development - you will see statistical software applications like Minitab, Design Expert or JMP for designed experiments and their analysis in order to define new production processes or products as well as to analyze factors and their importance.
  • IT - We offer trainings for database systems such as MS SQL Server and Oracle which you can also use for descriptive and inductive statistics as well as Data Mining in combination with OLAP and data warehousing.


statistics training agendaSince statistics and data analysis are extensive areas  our training catalog is correspondingly extensive, too, and will surely provide you with an appropriate statistics training. We strive for a 360 degrees training service which allows you to start easy - either as a refresher course or a warm up training - and then pick more complex techniques and more advanced tools in following trainings.

  • Statistical Methods - We offer trainings on descriptive statistics and inductive statistics as a point of departure and a chance to revisit knowledge gathered in your professional education. Then we will show you specialized statistical techniques in advanced seminars for time series analysis, regression analysis, or many other multivariate techniques like clustering, discrimination or classification.
  • Data Mining - We teach you the theory and provide you with the necessary software skills to use Data Mining for pattern recognition and machine learning.
  • Statistical Software - We use different statistical software packages in our statistics courses and also deliver specialized training for programs like IBM SPSS, Minitab, JMP, Design Expert or the statistical programming language R.
  • Neighboring Technologies - We also deliver trainings on related subjects like relational databases (MS SQL Server and Oracle), XML or Business Intelligence (OLAP and Data Warehousing).

Publications of our Lecturers

lecturers trainersOur statistics trainers and lecturers also work as book authors and published several books in the field of data analysis, statistics, and Data Mining or questionnaires  and empirical research as well as databases such as MS SQL Server or Oracle.

Training Dates

Our seminars on statistics, Data Mining and data analysis will be held in various countries.

Comelio Contact USA USA You can attend classes in our HQ in Miami, FL as well as in Chicago, IL or Jersey City, NJ.
Training and Course Location Scandinavia Scandinavia In the Scandinavian countries, you can book our trainings in Stockholm (Sweden), Copenhagen (Denmark), Helsinki (Finland), and Oslo (Norway).
Training and Course Location Berlin Central Europe

In Germany, we deliver statistical trainings at our main location in Berlin.

In Austria we conduct public seminars in Vienna while you can book our trainings in Switzerland in Zurich.

In The Netherlands, we carry out trainings in Amsterdam

Comelio Contact India India You can enroll for trainings in our HQ in Chennai but also in New Delhi or Mumbai.

In-house / On-site Trainings

inhouse on site trainingsMany companies plan to roll out statistical thinking and methods in a department or team and require that teaching statistical methodology be combined with a special statistical software package or sample data. Our trainers can come to your location and create a new and individual statistics training based upon the standard seminars in our training catalog or even create an individual statistics training whose agenda should perfectly match your needs and interests. It is also possible to design an actual series of trainings or recurring training events.