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training duration icon Oracle 12c - Statistics using SQL

Duration: 3 Days
Delivery Type: Classroom
Target Audience: Business Intelligence Developer
Course Number: 2020531
Method: Lecture with examples and exercises.
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A. Data analysis using Descriptive Statistics

[Duration: 0.5 Days] Central tendency: Frequencies using COUNT, mode using STATS_MODE, mean values ??using AVG, MEDIAN - quantiles using PERCENTILE_CONT and PERCENTILE_DISC - Measures of dispersion: range using MIN and MAX, standard deviation using STDDEV, STDDEV_POP and STDDEV_SAMP, variance using VAR_POP, VAR_SAMP and VARIANCE - Rank and distribution using CUME_DIST, DENSE_RANK, RANK, and PERCENT_RANK

B. Correlation analysis

[Duration: 0.25 Days] Covariance using COVAR_POP and COVAR_SAMP - correlation using CORR (Bravais-Pearson) - rank correlation using CORR_S (Spearman's rho) and CORR_K (Kendall's tau)

C. Regression analysis

[Duration: 0.25 Days] Linear regression and the least squares method - linear equation derived using REGR_SLOPE and REGR_INTERCEPT - coefficient of determination using REGR_R2 - averages using REGR_AVGX and REGR_AVGY - model check using REGR_COUNT, REGR_SXX, REGR_SYY and REGR_SXY - prediction and residual analysis

D. Contingency

[Duration: 0.25 Days] contingency and categorical variables - Chi-Square test using CHISQ_OBS and CHISQ_DF - significance using CHISQ_SIG - Contingency: Phi Coefficient using PHI_COEFFICIENT, Cramer's V using CRAMERS_V, Contingency Coefficient using CONT_COEFFICIENT and Cohen's Kappa using COHENS_K

E. Statistical Tests

[Duration: 0.75 Days] Overview of probability theory - introduction to test theory - t-test using STATS_T_TEST_ONE (one sample), STATS_T_TEST_PAIRED (two samples), STATS_T_TEST_INDEP (two independent samples) and STATS_T_TEST_INDEPU (two independent samples with unequal variance) - variance comparison using STATS_F_TEST - distribution tests using STATS_BINOMIAL_TEST - Mann-Whitney test using STATS_MW_TEST - Kolmogorov-Smirnov function using STATS_KS_TEST - Wilcoxon signed ranks using STATS_WSR_TEST

F. Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)

[Duration: 0.5 Days] Analysis of Variance - ANOVA performed using STATS_ONE_WAY_ANOVA: Sum of Squares using SUM_SQUARES_BETEEN and SUM_SQUARES_WITHIN, mean squares using MEAN_SQUARES_BETWEEN and MEAN_SQUARES_WITHIN, F-value using F_RATIO and significance using SIG

G. Time series analysis and trend

[Duration: 0.5 Days] Fundamentals of time series analysis: Components, stationarity, autocorrelation, autocovariance, periodicity - Smoothing: moving average, exponential smoothing - Trend calculations using linear regression - seasonal decomposition and residual analysis

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