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training duration icon Oracle 11g - PHP

Duration: 1 Day
Delivery Type: Classroom
Target Audience: Programmers, Web developers
Course Number: 2020309
Method: Lecture with examples and exercises.
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A. PHP OCI8 Extension

[Duration: 0.5 Days] Connecting to Oracle Using OCI8 - Connection Types - Connection and Environment Errors - Transactions and Connections - Authorization and Authentication - Executing SQL Statements With OCI8 - Fetch Functions - Insert, Update, Delete, Create and Drop in PHP OCI8 - PHP Error Handling - Using Bind Variables in Prepared Statements - Improving Performance by Prefetching and Caching - Monitoring OCI8 SQL Statements - LIMIT, Auto-Increment, Last Insert ID and Multiple Inserts

B. PHP Data Objects

[Duration: 0.5 Days] Connecting to Oracle Using PDO - Executing SQL Statements - Using Bind Variables in Prepared Statements - Transactions - PL/SQL-Integration in PDO


[Duration: 0.5 Days] PL/SQL Overview - Blocks, Procedures, Packages and Triggers - Using PL/SQL With OCI8: Calling PL/SQL Code, Array Binding and PL/SQL Bulk Processing, Using REF CURSORS for Result Sets, Oracle Collections in PHP, Using PL/SQL and Oracle Object Types in PHP, Getting Output With DBMS_OUTPUT, PL/SQL Backtraces in a PL/SQL Exception Handler

D. Using Large Objects in OCI8

[Duration: 0.25 Days] Working With LOBs in Oracle and PL/SQL - Inserting and Updating LOBs - Fetching LOBs - Temporary LOBs - Uploading and Displaying an Image - Working With BFILEs

E. Using XML With Oracle and PHP

[Duration: 0.25 Days] Fetching Relational Rows as XML - Fetching Rows as Fully Formed XML - Using the SimpleXML Extension in PHP - Fetching XMLType Columns - Inserting Into XMLType Columns - Fetching an XMLType from a PL/SQL Function - XQuery XML Query Language

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