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training duration icon Oracle 11g - SQL

Duration: 3 Days
Delivery Type: Classroom
Target Audience: Programmers, developers, DB developers
Course Number: 2020123
Method: Lecture with examples and exercises.
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A. SQL and Relationa Databases

[Duration: 0.25 Days] The Relational Database System: Key Concepts, Requirements for a DBMS, Architecture Patterns, System Components - The Relational Model: Basic Concepts, Semantic Model, Characteristics of Data and Data Types, Relationships, Entity-Relationship Model (ERM), Normalization

B. SQL DML: Simple Queries

[Duration: 0.5 Days] Fundamental Structures of Queries - Filters and Operators - Sorting: Single and Multiple Sorting - Grouping: Standard Aggregate Functions, Grouping, Groups with Multiple Columns, Groups with Different Aggregate Functions

C. SQL DML: Advanced Queries

[Duration: 0.5 Days] Queries with Multiple Tables: Principle of Queries using Multiple Tables, Manual and ANSI SQL Joins - Subqueries: Replacement of Values, Subqueries in the Column List, Correlated Subqueries, Derived Tables, Predicates with Subqueries - Advanced Techniques in SQL: Case Distinctions, Access to Pseudo Columns - Hierarchical Queries

D. SQL Functions

[Duration: 0.25 Days] Strings - Mathematics - Date and Time - Aggregates

E. SQL DML: Queries and Analyses

[Duration: 0.5 Days] Advanced Grouping: Purpose of Extensions to GROUP BY, GROUPING SETS, ROLLUP, CUBE, GROUPING Functions - Creating Rankings: Rankings, Charts, Ranking with Distributions, Quantiles, Histograms, Individual Row Numbers for Records - Statistical Analysis in SQL: Window Functions, Centered Moving Average, Cumulation, First and Last Values ??of a Subset, Linear Regression - Advanced Query Techniques: Common Table Expressions (CTE), Pivoting and Unpivotierung - Simple Reports with SQL*Plus: Simple Reports, Grouping and Aggregates, Output Options and Report Formats

F. SQL DDL: Schema Objects

[Duration: 0.5 Days] Creating and Managing Tables - Constraints and Keys - Views - Other Database Objects: Sequences, Indexes, Synonyms

G. SQL DML: Data Manipulation

[Duration: 0.5 Days] Inserting Data: The Standard Case, Inserting Data from Query, Inserting into Multiple Tables - Updating Data: The Standard Case, Updating Based on Other Table Data using Subqueries - Deleting Data: The Standard Case, The Use of Subqueries - Transactions in DML Operations: Basics, Instructions for Transaction Control, Savepoints

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