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training duration icon Design Patterns - Patterns für Enterprise Application-Architekturen

Duration: 1 Day
Delivery Type: Classroom
Target Audience: Programmers, software architects, managers,
Course Number: 2020337
Method: Lecture, discussion, individual and group work with exercises. Own work and project issues can be in...
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A. Domain Logic Patterns

Transaction Script - Domain Model - Table Module - Service Layer

B. Data Source Architectural Patterns

Table Data Gateway - Row Data Gateway - Active Record - Data Mapper

C. Object-Relational Behavioral Patterns

Unit of Work - Identity Map - Lazy Load

D. Object-Relational Structural Patterns

Identity Field - Foreign Key Mapping - Association Table Mapping - Dependent Mapping - Embedded Value - Serialized LOB - Single Table Inheritance - Class Table Inheritance - Concrete Table Inheritance - Inheritance Mappers

E. Object-Relational Metadata Mapping Patterns

Metadata Mapping - Query Object - Repository

F. Web Presentation Patterns

Remote Facade - Data Transfer Object

G. Offline Concurrency Patterns

Optimistic Offline Lock - Pessimistic Offline Lock - Coarse Grained Lock - Implicit Lock

H. Session State Patterns

Client Session State - Server Session State - Database Session State

I. Base Patterns

Gateway - Mapper - Layer Supertype - Separated Interface - Registry - Value Object - Money - Money - Plugin - Service Stub - Record Set

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