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training duration icon Controlling - Efforts Estimation using Function Point Analysis

Duration: 2 Days
Delivery Type: Classroom
Target Audience: Project managers, analysts, consultants, quality assurance
Course Number: 2020206
Method: Lecture with examples and exercises.
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A. Overview of Function Point Analysis

[Duration: 0.125 Days] Objectives and Benefits of Function Point Analysis - Function Point Counting Procedures - User View: Definition, Sizing During the Life Cycle of an Application, Life Cycle Phase Comparisons

B. Types of Function Point Counts, Counting Scope and Application Boundary

[Duration: 0.125 Days] Definitions of Function Point Counts: Development Project, Enhancement Project, Application - Counting Scope: Definition of the Purpose of the Count, Definition of the Counting Scope - Application Boundary - Counting Scope and Application Boundary Rules and Procedures: Boundary Rules, Counting Scope and Application Boundary Procedures

C. Count Data Functions

[Duration: 0.5 Days] Definitions: ILFs and EIFs: Internal Logical Files, External Interface Files, Difference between ILFs and EIFs - ILF/EIF Counting Rules: Identification Rules, Complexity and Contribution Definitions and Rules, DET (Data Element Type) and RET (Record Element Type) - ILF/EIF Counting Procedures

D. Count Transactional Functions

[Duration: 0.5 Days] Definitions: EIs (External Inputs), EOs (External Outputs) and EQs (External Inquiry) - Functions Performed by EIs, EOs and EQs - Processing Logic Used by EIs, EOs and EQs - EI/EO/EQ Counting Rules - EI, EO and EQ Counting Procedures - Elementary Process Identification

E. Determine Value Adjustment Factor

[Duration: 0.25 Days] Value Adjustment Factor Determination (VAF) - General System Characteristics - Degrees of Influence - Guidelines to Determine Degree of Influence

F. Calculate Adjusted Function Point Count

[Duration: 0.25 Days] Development Project Function Point Calculation - Enhancement Project Function Point Calculation - Application Function Point Calculation - Application and Conversion Functionality - Application Value Adjustment Factor

G. Extensions and New Developments

[Duration: 0.25 Days] FPA and Use Cases - FPA and Entity Relationship Modeling - FPA and Data Warehousing - ISO and OMG Standards

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