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training duration icon UML - UML Modeling using Enterprise Architect

Duration: 3 Days
Delivery Type: Classroom
Target Audience: Programmers, software architects, managers,
Course Number: 2020145
Method: Lecture with examples and exercises.
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A. UML Structure Diagrams: Class / Object Diagram and Package Diagram

[Duration: 0.75 Days] Diagrams: Class Diagram, Package Diagram, Object Diagram - Node Types: Class, Interface, InstanceSpecification, Package - Path Types: Aggregation, Association, Composition, Dependency, Generalization, InterfaceRealization, Realization, Usage, Package Merge, PackageImport

B. UML Structure Diagrams: Composite Structure Diagram, Component Diagram, Deployment Diagram

[Duration: 0.5 Days] Component Diagram: Component, Interface, ComponentRealization, Interface Realization, Usage Dependencies, Class, Artifact, Port - Composite Structure Diagram: Part, Port, Collaboration, CollaborationUse, Connector, Role Binding - Deployment Diagram: Artifact, Node, Deployment Specification, Association, Dependency, Generalization, Deployment, Manifestation

C. UML Behavior Diagrams: Use Case Diagram and Activity Diagram

[Duration: 0.5 Days] Activity Diagram: Action, Activity and ActivityPartition, Modeling the Logical Flow (ControlFlow and ObjectFlow, Nodes: ActivityFinal, ActivityNode, ControlNode, DecisionNode, FinalNode, FlowFinal, ForkNode, InitialNode, JoinNode, MergeNode), Modeling Data (DataStore, ObjectNode), Modeling Containment (InterruptibleActivityRegion, ExceptionHandler, ExpansionRegion) - Use Case Diagram: Actor, Extend/Include Relationship, UseCase

D. UML Behavior Diagrams: State Machine Diagram

[Duration: 0.25 Days] State Machine, Typology of States (Choice / History / Initial/ Junction Pseudostate, Composite State, Final State), Transition between States, Actions (Receive / Send Signal Action)

E. UML Behavior Diagrams: Sequence Diagram and Communication Diagram

[Duration: 0.5 Days] Sequence Diagram: Frame, Lifeline, Execution Specification, InteractionUse, CombinedFragment, Continuations, Coregion, Modeling Constraints (TimeConstraint, DurationConstraint, StateInvariant), Modelling Messags (Message, Found / Lost Message) - Communication Diagram: Frame, Lifeline, Message Interchange

F. UML Behavior Diagrams: Timing Diagram and Interaction Overview Diagram

[Duration: 0.5 Days] Interaction Overview Diagram: Frame, Interaction and InteractionUse - Timing Diagram: Frame, Message, Lifeline, Modeling Time

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