Comelio Medien

Comelio MedienComelio Medien is a specialist publisher founded by Comelio GmbH in 2006.

The books are available from internet bookstores as well as in stationary bookstores in D, A and CH, are available from various wholesalers and can of course also be ordered directly from Comelio.

Book catalog

Comelio MediaThe Comelio book catalog is constantly growing with new titles.


The XML area is determined in particular by the team of authors Marco Skulschus and Marcus Wiederstein, who are among the most successful authors in the field of XML, in terms of both the number of titles published and the number of copies sold. Individual representations for XML technologies are available as well as an introductory work and two works dealing with the combination of XML and databases.


Various books are available for the two databases MS SQL Server and Oracle, which illustrate the use of SQL and the implementation of business intelligence solutions. There is also a book that introduces XML integration.

Economics and Social Sciences

Comelio MediaAs Comelio GmbH offers software solutions for electronic questionnaires and survey evaluations in the area of business intelligence, several titles are available that were written by project members of a research project on this topic.

Online media

Comelio Media offers a range of free electronic formats.


In the Comelio blog, developers, consultants and project managers have the opportunity to present their technologies and tools quickly and compactly. It serves as a platform for the presentation of the various software technologies used at Comelio. Topics here are XML, .NET, SQL and databases as well as empirical social research.

Quick references

Comelio MediaThe successful and popular short references represent a technology like a school cheat sheet on only two pages, but the graphic design offers a far better look than any cheat sheet from school days.

  • Free two-page quick references as PDF download
  • Laminated double-sided printed references at Terrashop GmbH
  • Printed lacquered six-page quick references.


All novelties also appear in parallel as an inexpensive e-book. Various older works that are no longer printed are still available as e-books in PDF form and are available for download free of charge.

Publishing house


Sales are carried out for retail either directly via Comelio or via various wholesalers such as Libri, KNV (Koch, Neff and Volckner), Umbreit, Köhnemann.

The reader can find the Comelio books either directly from Comelio or from retailers at the well-known bookstore chains Hugendubel, Mayersche Buchhandlung, Thalia or Lehmanns Fachbuchhandlung as well as from the Lieferbare Bücher (VLB) directory at any other bookstore. The books are available online from well-known online bookstores such as Amazon, Libri or as well as from many bookshops that also run a web shop.

Become an author

Interesting ideas that fit into information technology or economics / social sciences are always welcome. It all starts with a book sketch: description of content, target group, comparative works, a content structure and the author's presentation.

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