Comelio Software

Comelio offers the development and support of business intelligence / data mining solutions. These can include reporting systems with predefined or interactive reports, the development of expert systems or the use of statistical methods.

Business Intelligence

We develop business intelligence solutions for OLAP and data warehousing as well as traditional reporting in the company.


  • Microsoft SQL Server and Analysis / Reporting / Integration Services as well as T-SQL / MDX / DAX
  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Oracle DB and BI / OLAP solutions and PL/SQL
  • Programming with R and Python

Reporting systems

Data Science Business IntelligenceWith a classic reporting system, customers have various options for making reports available company-wide or in relation to departments and project teams, or even in portals accessible to external partners or on a public website.

Data Warehouse-systems and OLAP

A data warehouse offers a high-performance database that combines data from various sources and thus enables a multidimensional view of this data across companies and processes.

Data Science

Comelio Data Mining StatistikWe carry out data science / data mining for customers with products from Microsoft, Oracle, R and Minitab and advise you on how to use statistical data analysis for market research and production automatically.


  • Microsoft SQL Server and Data Mining as well as R Server
  • Oracle DB and Oracle Data Mining as well asOracle R Enterprise
  • Minitab for SPC (Statistical Process Control) and DOE (Design of Experiments)
  • Programming with R
  • Programming with Python

Statistical analysis and Data Mining

With data mining, customers have access to mathematical-statistical methods and algorithms that make it possible to discover patterns and structures in data that can be used for ex-post and ex-ante analysis.


With SPC (Statistical Process Control) and DOE (Design of Experiments) you can monitor, control and improve / optimize existing production processes and their quality.

Technology consulting

Comelio Nullen  und EinsenBy imparting knowledge in more than 400 public seminars, the Comelio Medien Verlag, individual workshops and project-related technology advice, Comelio offers its customers the opportunity to get to know and evaluate innovative technologies and, if necessary, to implement them in practice.

Technology consulting

Specific questions regarding the introduction of new technologies can relate to the search for alternatives, the support during planning and implementation or the review of concepts and the search for new ideas. Technology advice offers assistance here and strengthens investment security and the success of technology use.

Research and Development

Projects in the area of research and development strengthen innovation competence, integrate different ways of thinking in the development process and create interdisciplinary internal and external collaborations.

Comelio Training

SoftwareContinuing education is the key to improved use of technology and the successful application of proven and new approaches. A mix of standard seminars and individual training is used.

Comelio Media

As a specialist publisher, Comelio Medien, in particular, offers Comelio employees a platform for the publication of specialist books and articles about their tools and methods.

Business Solutions

SoftwareComelio develops individual software for data presentation / reporting / data analysis and interfaces between systems (databases, SAP, XML / text) as well as XML publishing solutions.


  • Programming with .NET, Java and PHP
  • XML technologies (XML Schema / Relax NG, XSLT / XSL-FO)
  • Ontologies with RDF / RDF Schema, OWL
  • Database development with T-SQL and PL/SQL
  • Modelling with UML, BPMN
  • Statistical programming with R


  • Altova XMLSpy, MapForce, StyleVision
  • oXygen XML Developer / Editor / Author
  • Databases Oracle and MS SQL Server
  • Minitab
  • Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect and Altova UModel

Information systems

SoftwareAn information system provides access to master data, which can already be pre-filtered according to different criteria such as security or process level and can thus be managed at a central point and made available to different user groups at different process points.

XML technologies

XML single source publishing for publishers and editorial offices or XML-based document creation for insurance companies and banks allows the mass production of expenses, in which complex rules and thus dynamics can be used. We do this with XML and database integration, XML programming and products from oXygen and Altova.

Custom-made software

Sometimes, individual requirements can only be implemented with individually developed software. This applies in particular to the programming of algorithms for evaluation or data integration and software modules. Here we use .NET, Java and PHP for application development, while we use T-SQL and PL / SQL for DB programming.