Comelio Training

Comelio Seminare und TrainingsFor us, education is a state that can be achieved and also continuously improved. That is why we speak more of advanced training, because knowledge threatens to become outdated or be overtaken by new processes and methods. We try to support this process through our seminars.

We succeed in this by developing seminars from good educators who are also proven experts in their field - be it through their own training, their specialist publications or their other professional activities in practice, and have them continuously updated and updated.

  • Long-term maintained seminar catalog with 300+ topics
  • Implementation at many locations in the DACH region
  • Lecturers who both teach and carry out projects
  • Lecturers who also work as specialist book / magazine authors
  • Participation of our lecturers in research projects of Comelio GmbH in cooperation with universities and colleges


Trainings CoursesWe have been working in the field of further education for 20 years.

Many training locations and training dates

Participants who work in the same company but at different locations can attend the same seminars with us because we hold the same seminar at different locations. In addition, it is possible to bring new knowledge to the team in a timely manner, because on average there are six weeks between two seminar dates at the different locations. With local flexibility, you can even attend your desired seminar every six weeks and are therefore very flexible with us.

Constant development of the seminar content

We are constantly developing our seminars. Here we rely on the expertise of our lecturers and, in the case of technology seminars, on the manufacturers, some of whom design seminars themselves and provide teaching materials. Through appropriate partnerships, we are then able to convey the current state of the art and then supplement it with further seminars. This makes it possible that a booked seminar in the past, which is still fundamentally relevant in practice, can still be booked in the present, but then has current content accordingly.

Comparable knowledge by maintaining topics and updating them

Trainings CoursesWe update our topics, but keep many seminars as such in the catalog. We help companies and departments to easily integrate new colleagues when certain methods are required to solve the tasks. They also make it easier to assign and delegate tasks, since our participants have attended the seminar with the previously (or still) relevant content and are now looking for the same content for a team member.

Individual seminar catalog for on-site trainings

We support you in imparting comparable knowledge across teams and locations if we offer a company catalog with a seminar selection or individual seminars for your company. This way, our lecturers have the opportunity to optimally respond to your knowledge needs and at the same time organize a controlled and comparable knowledge acquisition.


Through various measures and activities, we succeed in offering you high-quality, interesting and practical seminars.

The investment in education is important and also financially high due to seminar fees, travel and time expenditure and the follow-up time.

Comelio SeminareSo that your investments pay off for yourself or your participants, we also invest in the education of our lecturers and the equipment of our rooms as well as the processes with which we meet your educational needs.

Seminars in the IT area often focus on very new and innovative topics. It is therefore imperative that lecturers are continuously trained. This is not only possible through seminars, but also through the novelty of the topics and their networking, but through a conglomerate of individual measures. We list them below in a random order to give you an impression that there is a lot of interest and commitment on our side to achieve high quality and also to demonstrate:

  • Continuous training at the manufacturer
  • Proof of knowledge acquisition through certifications
  • Additional certifications for educational qualifications
  • Mixed activity model with project / consulting work and seminars
  • Specialist publications in books and magazine articles
  • Participation in research and development projects
  • Content support for theses at universities

Trainings CoursesIn addition to these quality features, which are very trainer-related, we as a company make sure to achieve and maintain company-related quality standards in order to have access to learning resources and to build and maintain an atmosphere of knowledge and learning.

  • Microsoft Partner
  • Oracle Partner
  • Minitab Partner
  • Mitglied of the OMG (Object Management Group)
  • Altova Partner in the fields of Education and Reselling
  • oXygen Partner


Since 2001, Comelio employees have published in various book and magazine publishers (e.g. Rheinwerk, Addison Wesley, Mitp or Markt + Technik) in the area of software development and databases.

For several years now, there have been cooperations with publishers that publish specialist magazines on the techniques used at Comelio GmbH. Here, too, several articles are published every year on current topics and technology applications.

Comelio MedienWith Comelio Medien, Comelio GmbH has been offering its employees the opportunity to publish almost every topic they are interested in as a book since 2007, thereby actively participating in the presentation of current, common and future-oriented IT technologies. In this way, broad knowledge of standard areas and very specialized topics can be conveyed.

At Comelio Medien, the authors (many of whom are also experienced seminar lecturers) can deal with their topics as they wish: with example-oriented presentation, suitable graphic processing, in their eyes as appropriate length and sometimes even in whole coordinated series.

Research and Development

Comelio ForschungIn the IT area, some of our lecturers are also involved in R&D projects at Comelio. Here we usually work with universities and research institutions to apply new computer science methods to industry problems. Some of these projects are also funded with public funds or represent a thesis (diploma, master, doctorate) in a degree program such as computer science, business informatics or economics.

  • Expert system for industrial buildings and their location for automatic benefit assessment, winning project at the "Future Competition Ruhr Area"
  • Ontology-based questionnaire system, cooperation with the University of Philosophy in Munich, funded by BmWI
  • Multidimensional question and answer representation in the online questionnaire, cooperation with the Free University in Berlin
  • Framework architecture of electronic transport marketplaces, cooperation with the University of Wuppertal
  • Dynamic prototype creation based on a relational database, cooperation with the FH Gießen