Research and Development

Comelio ForschungComelio GmbH regularly carries out research and development projects.

These projects involve:

  • Software process with ontologies
  • Strategies for applying innovative approaches
  • the connection of topics from other disciplines and industries with software implementations

Smaller research projects are often carried out as part of final theses or practical semesters in the computer science or business informatics courses. Larger projects are collaborations with universities, technical colleges and research institutions. Research and development is financed by the public sector, clients from industry or Comelio.

Some research projects have a very special focus on a single industry. Our partners have asked us to develop innovative software solutions with ontologies, statistics or data mining, which should solve a problem in their industry.


Research projectsPatents are the result of expensive development projects and are intended to ensure that these investments are profitable. In addition to the development of patented technologies, patenting itself is a complex and expensive procedure. Legal disputes are almost inevitable in this area and usually also involve high costs.

A complex data model should be developed from patents and other technical documents, which should be used in an expert system. This should measure the level of invention and prove, for example, in court that there is a patent infringement.

Upon completion, this project led to the founding of a company that offers advice on technology patents.

Real estate

Research projectsCommercial real estate can be used in different ways. The possibilities are defined by the parameters of the building (office building, factory building, warehouse building), whereby the parameters also allow different uses.

This research project developed a complex questionnaire and a complex data model for buildings, properties and their neighborhood. With the data obtained, different scenarios of using this building could then be simulated and analyzed.

We worked here with a large real estate dealer and a research facility for production processes and were the technical partner. The resulting expert system was then used in the context of consulting projects in the real estate sector.


Research projectsThis project examines how one can develop the most general software for surveys and questionnaires using a general ontology on the subject of "questions and answers".

This project was developed in cooperation with the "University of Philosophy Munich"

The German "Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology" funded this research project as part of the "ProINNO II" funding program.

The results of this project were:

  • Ontology of question-answer structures
  • Ontology-based, relational and hierarchical data model for questionnaires
  • Prototype for survey software
  • Prototype for questionnaire designers


Research projectsThe processes in the logistics industry represent analytical problems of optimization and are suitable for software solutions that use data analysis, market processes and mathematics.

This research project in cooperation with the Bergische Universität Wuppertal developed a multi-agent system that was to represent a market place. The supply and demand of offered trips should be set here and then sold automatically.

The results of this project were:

  • Description of the situation of electronic transport marketplaces
  • Requirements analysis for the needs of medium-sized logistics companies
  • Reference architecture of an electronic transport market