On-site trainings

Comelio Seminare und TrainingsYou may prefer a combination of several seminars into a single seminar or may need a different weighting of the topics. Other ideas can also be implemented together with the trainer and our seminar advice. Find out here which design options you have.

Custom-made training delivery

The delivery at your site is a standard request that we can easily fulfill. If necessary, we also offer to bring technology such as laptops, projectors and cameras so that a meeting room with a table and flipchart / blackboard is sufficient. For customers who are not based in a large city, it may be the other way around that we need some tips from you on how to get to and accommodate the lecturer, as we support your participants.

Individual locations

In addition to the conference centers and hotels that we regularly book, we can also use other locations of our partners in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It is therefore possible for us to offer you cities that may be better accessible for groups of participants arriving from different regions, or better enable other goals associated with the seminar, such as cultural activities.

Specific agenda

The project business sometimes makes it necessary to maintain high availability for the customer, which may make it difficult to attend a seminar lasting several days. When organizing a team-related seminar, we try to take this into account and can make you an offer, for example, where an event of five days is divided into two events with three and two days, or the seminar around a weekend or even at the weekend takes place.

Tailor-made training catalog

Of course, you can advertise our seminars internally and build up a house catalog. Many customers use this to make a pre-selection and to achieve comparability in imparting knowledge on a topic. We support this by sending you seminar information in various data formats that you can import into your system. A in-house catalog also offers the opportunity to internally advertise special seminars that have been put together for you, which are then offered and carried out exclusively for you. You can see how varied the changes can be and how important it is to get in touch with us if you are generally interested in our content, but still want to make changes in terms of organization or content in order to achieve an optimal event.

Individual trainings

Individual trainingsOur seminar program is very extensive. We update it constantly and take the feedback of the seminar participants as well as new developments in content, as they become known in literature and research, as well as from practice.

Still want it to be a little more individual?

  • Individual trainingsCombination of topics from several seminars into an individual seminar
  • Inclusion of new seminar topics for a special target group
  • Creation of individual seminars for implementation at our or your locations
  • Processing of your own data sets for the application of statistical methods imparted in the seminar
  • Expert discussion and discussion of specific project requirements
  • Use of your own database and your own data for queries and analyzes


Our seminars live from practical examples and good lectures.


We only need a meeting / conference room with the usual presentation technology (projector / screen and blackboard) for the in-house implementation.


It is optimal if each participant has a laptop with the required software for the practical exercises.

Virtual machines

For the webinars and also for many public seminars, we work with virtual machines that you can also use on your own laptop if you want. This is possible if the software runs on Linux.Individual trainings


Individual trainingsIn addition to changes in content, there are often wishes to adapt the seminar organization to individual conditions.


In order to clarify the content with the manager and the participants, the lecturer telephones with you before we prepare an offer (content, length, price).


Individual trainingsIn the following points we show which adjustments we would like to make for you and thus also illustrate which common inquiries reach us. This may also be suitable as a collection of ideas for the conception of an individual seminar that is planned for a team or for employees with a specific focus.

  • Trainings at your location or at our seminar locations
  • Participation in our public courses or seminars especially offered for your company
  • Definition of seminar series and learning plans ("individual training catalog")