Seminars TrainingsThe year 2020 showed us all that it is very nice to sit in a room with other people and how valuable it is to be able to travel, but that you also have to plan and use alternative options to work purely electronically and to learn.

Comelio GmbH has had a subsidiary in companies for many years in the field of software development, which now operates independently on the market. In India we have learned that working online is necessary when circumstances dictate it, and how many people already work and learn in this way.

Our webinars take place just as frequently as our classroom courses and have the following characteristics:

  • Objective: To best represent the classroom situation in an online version
  • Webinars with a lecturer and live lessons
  • Half day (morning or afternoon)
  • Lectures and technical discussions with lecturers and participants via audio / video channel
  • Use of virtual machines for download or access via client tools


WebinarsThere is some eternal wisdom:

  • Learning in a group is better than alone.
  • Learning in a place optimized for this is more effective.
  • Learning with all senses is more beneficial.
  • Learning with examples and exercises is optimal.

Learning online is fundamentally different than learning in the classroom / conference room. We therefore try to explain as well as possible in advance what conditions we create and what you can do to make your webinar a success.

  • Time-adjusted organization, i.e. half days and not whole days
  • Webinars with a lecturer and not completely alone
  • Opportunity to practice and make examples as in the classroom seminar
  • Use of well-established software for webinar implementation and use of virtual machines


Seminars TrainingsIn order to successfully attend a webinar as a participant, there are some prerequisites on your page and some of what we contribute. The central software is BigBlueButton.


You need a good internet connection, headphones / microphone and at best a camera. Conversations and a good course situation only develop if everyone can see and hear each other well. Two screens would be optimal: one for the exercises / examples and one for lectures and videos.

Virtual machines

For the webinars and also for many public seminars, we work with virtual machines that you can also use on your own laptop if you want. This is possible if the software runs on Linux.

Download the virtual machine and use it on your own laptop.

Alternatively, you have client tools installed that can access our database or other server programs via VPN.


WebinarsThe webinar dates can be found in the seminar catalog with their own, somewhat reduced prices next to the other dates.


If a seminar in the classroom variant lasts 2 days, we offer the webinar on 4 days in the morning or in the afternoon. So you don't sit in front of the screen all day, but have variety and the opportunity to do some work. There are similar rules for lengths of 3 or more days, but the maximum length is 5 half days.


WebinarsIf you register for a webinar, you will receive a confirmation of the registration. Whether the webinar actually takes place depends on a minimum number of participants. About 2-3 weeks before the start, we will inform you about the implementation. If no group is formed, we also have individual suggestions, as with the classroom seminars.