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Classroom 3 days 9:00-16:30
Webinar 5 days 9:00-12:30
Method Lecture with examples and exercises.
Prequisite XML Fundamentals
Audience Programmers, Web developers

Altova MissionKit XMLSpy Training


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Altova MissionKit XMLSpy TrainingAltova XMLSpy is a very advanced XML editor for modeling, editing, transforming, and debugging XML-related technologies. It offers a very complex XML interface, a graphical XML Schema designer, a code generator, file converters, debuggers, full database integration, support for XSLT, XPath, XQuery, WSDL and SOAP. This training walks you through the application while providing you with a fundamental knowledge of various XML technologies.

Altova MissionKit XMLSpy Training

Training Dates

  • 2022-Jun-06 - Jun-10
  • 2022-Aug-15 - Aug-19

750 EUR +VAT

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Altova MissionKit XMLSpy Seminar
General features of XMLSpy

XML Documents - Editing Views - DTDs and XML Schemas - Project Management and Altova Global Resources - Databases and Data Integration - Text Files - File/Directory Comparisons - Templates

XML Schema-Editor

Element Declarations - Attribute Declarations - Complex Type Definitions - Attribute Group Definitions - Model Group Definitions - Simple Type Definitions - Schemas and Namespaces: Access and Composition - Editor: Editing in Text View, Grid View, and Schema View - XML Schema features in XMLSpy

XPath Editor

Path Expressions: Axes, Steps, Node Tests - Predicates and Filters - Function Calls

Queries using XQuery

FLWOR Expressions: For and Let Clauses, Where Clause, Order By and Return Clauses - Direct Element Constructors - Computed Constructors - Ordered and Unordered Expressions - Comparison Expressions - Conditional Expressions

Transformations using XSLT

Stylesheet Structure - Template Rules and XPath-Patterns - Named Templates - Repetition - Conditional Processing - Variables and Parameters - Creating Nodes and Sequences - Sorting and Grouping

Web Services

WSDL documents - PortType - Binding - Service and Ports - Validating the WSDL Document - Connecting to a Web Service and Opening Files - Sending a SOAP Request from the WSDL File - Creating WSDL Documentation - SOAP document structure - SOAP Debugger - SOAP Validation

Altova Authentic and Altova Stylevision

Opening an XML Document in Authentic View - Authentic View Interface - Entering Data in Authentic View - Tables in Authentic View - Altova Stylevision


Altova MissionKit XMLSpy Trainer

Marco Skulschus (born in Germany in 1978) studied economics in Wuppertal (Germany) and Paris (France) and wrote his master´s thesis about semantic data modeling in XML, shortly before any of the current Semantic Web standards had been adopted. He started working as lecturer and consultant in 2002.

  • XSLT, XPath und XQuery ISBN 978-3-939701-18-7
  • XSL-FO ISBN 978-3-939701-17-0
  • XML Schema ISBN 978-3-939701-22-4
  • XML: Standards und Technologien ISBN 978-3-939701-21-7
  • MS SQL Server – XML und SOAP-Webservices ISBN 978-3-939701-03-3
  • Oracle, PL/SQL und XML ISBN 978-3-939701-49-1

He works as an IT-consultant and project manager. He developed various XML-based applications with his team in India and is regularly involved in complex import/export scenarios / data integration projects and in XML-based reporting solutions.


He led several research projects for business partners concerning expert systems, ontology-based software, and also online questionnaires. Nearly all of these projects were based on a complex XML-data model or made use of XML-based rule sets.

Altova MissionKit XMLSpy Trainer