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Classroom 2 days 9:00-16:30
Webinar 4 days 9:00-12:30
Method Lecture with examples and exercises.
Prequisite Java Basics
Audience Programmers, Web developers

Java JDBC Training


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Java JDBC TrainingJDBC is a Java-based data access technology which consists of an API that defines how a client may access a relational database. It provides methods for querying and updating data in a database. JDBC allows multiple implementations to exist and be used by the same application. The API provides a mechanism for dynamically loading the correct Java packages and registering them with the JDBC Driver Manager. The Driver Manager is used as a connection factory for creating JDBC connections. JDBC connections support creating and executing statements. These may be update statements such as SQL's CREATE, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE, or they may be query statements such as SELECT. Additionally, stored procedures may be invoked through a JDBC connection. This training shows you how to execute various DB-related operations from your Java application.

Training Dates

  • 2021-Aug-23 - Aug-26
  • 2021-Nov-01 - Nov-04
  • 2022-Jan-10 - Jan-13
  • 2022-Mar-21 - Mar-24
  • 2022-May-30 - Jun-02
  • 2022-Aug-08 - Aug-11

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Java JDBC Seminar
JDBC Introduction

JDBC Architecture - Establishing a Connection - Connecting with DataSource Objects - Handling SQLExceptions

Performing SQL Operations

Retrieving and Modifying Values from Result Sets: ResultSet Interface, Retrieving Column Values from Rows, Cursors, Updating Rows in ResultSet Objects, Using Statement Objects for Batch Updates, Inserting Rows in ResultSet Objects - Using Prepared Statements: Overview of Prepared Statements, Creating a PreparedStatement Object, Supplying Values for PreparedStatement Parameters - Using Transactions: Auto-Commit Mode, Committing Transactions, Preserving Data Integrity, Setting and Rolling Back to Savepoints, Releasing Savepoints - Using Stored Procedures

RowSet Objects

Using JdbcRowSet Objects - Using CachedRowSetObjets - Using JoinRowSet Objects - Using FilteredRowSet Objects - Using WebRowSet Objects

Using SQLXML Objects

Creating SQLXML Objects - Retrieving SQLXML Values in ResultSet - Accessing SQLXML Object Data - Storing SQLXML Objects - Initializing SQLXML Objects - Releasing SQLXML Resources

JDBC and Object-Relational Extensions in Oracle

Using Array Objects: Creating Array Objects, Retrieving and Accessing Array Values in ResultSet, Storing and Updating Array Objects, Releasing Array Resources - - Using Customized Type Mappings - Using Structured Objects: Overview of Structured Types, Using DISTINCT Type in Structured Types, Using References to Structured Types, Using User-Defined Types as Column Values, Inserting User-Defined Types into Tables


Java JDBC Trainer

Herr Karsten Thüer studierte Angewandte Informatik an der Fachhochschule Gelsenkirchen mit dem Schwerpunkt Betriebliche Informationssysteme. Er arbeitet seit mehr fast 10 Jahren als Projektleiter und Berater/Trainer für Software-Entwicklung mit Java-Technologien.


Projektleitung und Koordination eines ERP-Systems zur Distribution und Verwaltung von Online-Werbung. Programmierung und Co-Projektleitung eines Trouble-Ticket-Systems mit Inventarisierung für pädagogische Einrichtungen. Machbarkeitsstudie über die Entwicklung eines Open-Source CRM-Systems. Projektplanung und Controlling eines Open-Source CRM-Systems für mittelständische Unternehmen. Prozessanalysen und Aufwandsschätzung für ein SAP/R3 System im Rohstoffsektor. Co-Projektleitung, Architektur- und Designentwicklung sowie Programmierung eines sozialen Netzwerkes für den Einsatz im Intranet bei mittelständischen Unternehmen. Koordination und Entwicklung einer FX-Trading Plattform. Leitung und fachliche Architektur eines Führungsprozess-Portals

Java JDBC Trainer