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Oracle 19c - Administration


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Classroom 5 days 9:00-16:30
Webinar 5 days 9:00-16:30
Method Lecture with examples and exercises.
Prequisite General database knowledge
Audience DBAs

Oracle 19c Administration Training


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Oracle 19c Administration TrainingThis training is intended for database administrators who perform the following tasks a) Create and configure one or more Oracle databases, b) Monitor and tune Oracle databases, c) Oversee routine maintenance operations for Oracle databases, d) Create and maintain schema objects, such as tables, indexes, and views, e) Schedule system and user jobs, and f) Diagnose, repair, and report problems. To benefit most from this training, you should be familiar with relational database concepts. You should also be familiar with the operating system environment under which you are running Oracle Database.

Oracle 19c Administration Training

Training Dates

  • 2022-May-16 - May-20
  • 2022-Jul-25 - Jul-29

1450 EUR +VAT

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Oracle 19c Administration Seminar
Installation and Set-Up

Installation Requirements - Software Installation with Oracle Universal Installer - Understanding the Oracle Architecture - Database Interfaces and their Use: SQL, PL/SQL, Java, OCCI - Start and Stop the Agent and Listener - Enterprise Manager Database Console - Database Shut Down

Schema Objects and Data Administration

Create, Change and Examine Tables - Define Constraints - Define Indexes and Views - Using SQL for Data Manipulation

User Management

Manage and Remove Database Users and Roles - Rights Management with Roles and Privileges - Resources and Access

Backup and Recovery

Fundamentals of Database Backup, Restore and Recovery - Techniques for Instance Recovery - Purpose of Checkpoints, Redo Log Files, Archived Log Files and ARCHIVELOG Mode - Offline and Online Backup of the Database - Incremental Backups - Automate Database Backups - Monitoring the Flash Recovery Area - Recover Lost Control Files, Redo Log Files and Data Files

Oracle Net Services

Representation of Oracle Net - Configuring the Listener with Oracle Net Manager - Control the Oracle Net Listener using the Listener Control Utility - Configuring the client and Middle-Tier Connection to Oracle Net Manager - Testing the Connection via Oracle Net with TNSPING

Storage Models

Creating and Managing Tablespaces and Data Files - Retrieving Information from Tablespaces - Configuration of Tablespaces with Oracle Managed Files (OMF)


Oracle 19c Administration Trainer

- Marcus Wiederstein (born in Germany in 1971) studied Electrical Engineering in Bochum (Germany). He started working as a lecturer and consultant in 1998.

  • Oracle PL/SQL ISBN 978-3-939701-40-8
  • Oracle SQL ISBN 978-3-939701-41-5
  • Oracle PL/SQL - Objektrelationale Techniken ISBN 978-3-939701-42-2
  • Oracle, PL/SQL und XML ISBN 978-3-939701-49-1

- He works as an IT-consultant and project manager. He developed various Business Intelligence systems for industry clients and the public sector. For several years now, he is responsible for a BI-team in India which is mainly involved in BI and OLAP projects, and reporting systems.

Oracle 19c Administration Trainer