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Oracle 19c - PHP


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Classroom 1 days 9:00-16:30
Webinar 2 days 9:00-12:30
Method Lecture with examples and exercises.
Prequisite PHP Basics
Audience Programmers, Web developers

Oracle 19c PHP Training


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Oracle 19c PHP TrainingThis PHP Oracle training is for PHP programmers developing applications for Oracle Database. It bridges the gap between the world of PHP and the universe of Oracle and shows how to use the PHP scripting language with Oracle Database. This training gives you the fundamental building blocks needed to create high-performance PHP Oracle Web applications.

Oracle 19c PHP Training

Training Dates

  • 2022-May-19 - May-20
  • 2022-Jul-28 - Jul-29

590 EUR +VAT

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Oracle 19c PHP Seminar
PHP OCI8 Extension

Connecting to Oracle Using OCI8 - Connection Types - Connection and Environment Errors - Transactions and Connections - Authorization and Authentication - Executing SQL Statements With OCI8 - Fetch Functions - Insert, Update, Delete, Create and Drop in PHP OCI8 - PHP Error Handling - Using Bind Variables in Prepared Statements - Improving Performance by Prefetching and Caching - Monitoring OCI8 SQL Statements - LIMIT, Auto-Increment, Last Insert ID and Multiple Inserts

PHP Data Objects

Connecting to Oracle Using PDO - Executing SQL Statements - Using Bind Variables in Prepared Statements - Transactions - PL/SQL-Integration in PDO


PL/SQL Overview - Blocks, Procedures, Packages and Triggers - Using PL/SQL With OCI8: Calling PL/SQL Code, Array Binding and PL/SQL Bulk Processing, Using REF CURSORS for Result Sets, Oracle Collections in PHP, Using PL/SQL and Oracle Object Types in PHP, Getting Output With DBMS_OUTPUT, PL/SQL Backtraces in a PL/SQL Exception Handler

Using Large Objects in OCI8

Working With LOBs in Oracle and PL/SQL - Inserting and Updating LOBs - Fetching LOBs - Temporary LOBs - Uploading and Displaying an Image - Working With BFILEs

Using XML With Oracle and PHP

Fetching Relational Rows as XML - Fetching Rows as Fully Formed XML - Using the SimpleXML Extension in PHP - Fetching XMLType Columns - Inserting Into XMLType Columns - Fetching an XMLType from a PL/SQL Function - XQuery XML Query Language


Oracle 19c PHP Trainer

Marco Skulschus (born in Germany in 1978) studied economics in Wuppertal (Germany) and Paris (France) and wrote his master´s thesis about semantic data modeling in XML, shortly before any of the current Semantic Web standards had been adopted. He started working as a lecturer and consultant in 2002.

  • PHP und OOP ISBN 978-3-939701-01-9
  • PHP und XML ISBN 978-3-939701-00-2
  • PHP und Oracle ISBN 978-3-939701-01-9
  • Oracle PL/SQL ISBN 978-3-939701-40-8
  • Oracle SQL ISBN 978-3-939701-41-5
  • Oracle, PL/SQL und XML ISBN 978-3-939701-49-1

- He works as an IT-consultant and project manager. He developed various business applications with his team in India and is today mainly involved in Business Intelligence (Big Data, OLAP, Data Mining) projects.


- He led several research projects and was leading scientist and project manager of a publicly funded project about interactive questionnaires and online surveys.

Oracle 19c PHP Trainer