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oXygen - Relax NG using XML Developer


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Classroom 2 days 9:00-16:30
Webinar 4 days 9:00-12:30
Method Lecture with examples and exercises.
Prequisite XML basics
Audience Programmers, Web developers


Sie erhalten die von Ihrem Dozenten Marco Skulschus veröffentlichten Kurzeferenzen zu XML-Technologien und ein Fachbuch.

oXygen Relax NG using XML Developer Training


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  • Comelio certificate
  • Flexible: Free cancellation up until one day before the training


oXygen Relax NG using XML Developer TrainingRELAX NG (REgular LAnguage for XML Next Generation) is a schema language for XML - a RELAX NG schema specifies a pattern for the structure and content of an XML document. A RELAX NG schema is itself an XML document but RELAX NG also offers a popular compact, non-XML syntax. Although the RELAX NG specification was developed at roughly the same time as the W3C XML Schema specification, the latter was arguably better known and more widely implemented in both open-source and proprietary XML parsers and editors when it became a W3C Recommendation in 2001. Since then, however, RELAX NG support has increasingly found its way into XML software, and its acceptance has been aided by its adoption as a primary schema for popular document-centric markup languages such as DocBook, the TEI Guidelines, OpenDocument, and EPUB. This training helps you to use Relax NG for modelling your own schema documents and to understand the schema documents of the above-mentioned standards. It makes heavily use of hands-on labs and practical exercices alongside of presentations.

Training Dates

  • 2022-May-23 - May-26
  • 2022-Aug-01 - Aug-04

590 EUR +VAT

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oXygen Relax NG using XML Developer Seminar

Introduction - Data model

Relax NG vocabulary

Annotations - Whitespace - datatypeLibrary attribute - type attribute of value element - href attribute - externalRef element - include element - name attribute of element and attribute elements - ns attribute - QNames - div element - Number of child elements - mixed element - optional element - zeroOrMore element - Constraints - combine attribute - grammar element - define and ref elements - notAllowed element - empty element


Name classes - Patterns: choice pattern, group pattern, empty pattern, text pattern, oneOrMore pattern, interleave pattern, element and attribute pattern, data and value pattern, Built-in datatype library, list pattern - Validity


Restrictions: Contextual restrictions, attribute pattern, oneOrMore pattern, list pattern, except in data pattern, start element - String sequences - Restrictions on attributes - Restrictions on interleave


oXygen Relax NG using XML Developer Trainer

Marco Skulschus (born in Germany in 1978) studied economics in Wuppertal (Germany) and Paris (France) and wrote his master´s thesis about semantic data modeling in XML, shortly before any of the current Semantic Web standards had been adopted. He started working as lecturer and consultant in 2002.

  • XSLT, XPath und XQuery ISBN 978-3-939701-18-7
  • XSL-FO ISBN 978-3-939701-17-0
  • XML Schema ISBN 978-3-939701-22-4
  • XML: Standards und Technologien ISBN 978-3-939701-21-7
  • MS SQL Server – XML und SOAP-Webservices ISBN 978-3-939701-03-3
  • Oracle, PL/SQL und XML ISBN 978-3-939701-49-1

He works as an IT-consultant and project manager. He developed various XML-based applications with his team in India and is regularly involved in complex import/export scenarios / data integration projects and in XML-based reporting solutions.


He led several research projects for business partners concerning expert systems, ontology-based software, and also online questionnaires. Nearly all of these projects were based on a complex XML-data model or made use of XML-based rule sets.

oXygen Relax NG using XML Developer Trainer